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Basic & Advance SEO With Online Money Making Concepts [Rs.10,000 fee (Rs.15,000 for Online) , 40 hours]

1. Introduction to Google and SEO

(a) Definition, Types and History of SEO Algorithm.
(b) Origin of the Search Engines, Invention of the Search Engine - Google.
(c) Types of SEO - Introduction to On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization.
(d) Advantages of SEO.

2. On Page Optimization

(a) Working with Html Syntax, Format of Html for Blogger, WordPress and General Websites (Developed using Web Technologies like .NET, Java, PHP, HTML 5 etc...).
(b) Keyword Research and the Best Tools for Keywords Filtering: Finding the Right keywords for SEO to achieve the top ranking in the Quickest Time that too with Least Efforts using the Google Adwords Keywords Tool, Differentiating the Different Types of Keyword Matches: Broad, Phrase and Exact and their effect in SEO.
(c) Copyscape Check and DMCA (Tool against Plagiarism): Finding out the duplicate content in a website and tricks to convert the copied content to unique to escape from the Copyscape Check through Spinners.
(d) Permalinks: SEO Friendly URLs, working with the right format for each of the types of sites - Blogger, Wordpress and General.
(e) Title Tag: Syntax, working with Title Tag Optimization in Blogger, implementing Title tag in General Websites and Wordpress.
(f) Meta Description Tag: Syntax, working with Meta Description Tags in Blogger for Home Page and Setting up Dynamic or Custom Description Tags for each Page or Post, Implementing Meta Description tag in General Websites and Wordpress.
(g) Meta Keywords Tag: Syntax, working with Meta Keywords Tags in Blogger, Implementing Meta Keywords tag in General Websites and Wordpress, Finding out the source to get the Best Keywords Tag.
(h) Header Tag Optimization (h1, h2 and h3): Importance of Header tags for discovering your keywords by the Search Engines, Implementing H1 Tag Optimization in Blogger and Wordpress to satisfy each post for SEO, Implementing the same in General Websites.
(i) Image Alternative Text / Achor / Title / File Name Tag Optimization: Importance of using images for every page or post and dominating in the Google Image Search through the Image Alt Optimization in Blogger, Wordpress and General Websites.
(j) Video Tag Optimization: Importance of using Videos for every page or post and dominating in the youtube Search and sharing your uploaded videos from the youtube to make extra income while monetizing the video and avoid using of space in our website.
(k) Keyword Density and Keyword Clouds: Implementing the right Keyword Density and checking the same through the use of software, working on the Keyword Cloud to get the focus for the right Keyword by the SEO Program, Illegal and Legal ways of Improving the Keyword Density.
(l) Font Decoration Tag Optimization: Bold, Italics and Underline Tags importance to gain the focus of the search engines for the right keyword, avoiding spam and gaining maximum focus in a natural way.
(m) Internal Linking: Importance of Internal Links in SEO, Avoiding Broken links and Working of Automatic Internal Linking by the way of using Software: Linkwithin and nRelate.
(n) Social Sharing Buttons: Importance of Social Bookmarking and Networking icons at the top and bottom of every post / page, getting the advantage of referred traffic through SMO: Social Media Optimization and checking the same using popular softwares like Addthis and Sharethis to automatically drag the traffic through the existing visitors.
(o) Effects of Flash, Iframe, Pop-up and Sticky Ads: Implementing right ads in the website and how to avoid the red flag, the right way of using the ads and what and where to avoid when it comes to advertisements.
(p) Page Speed: Page Speed Effect in Search Engine Ranking and checking the performance of the website with the tools like Pingdom and GTmetrix.
(q) Meta Geo Tag: Creating Meta Geographical Tags to target the right geo location or area to get the preference within the specified area and creating the code through online softwares, implementing the same in Blogger, Wordpress and General Websites.

3. Off Page Optimization

(a) Introduction to Off Page Optimization, Link Building, Html Syntax to create the backlink code.
(b) Backlinks: Different formats of backlinks, their importance to gain the website votes, types of backlinks, Check the backlinks of different webpages using web application software, features of backlinks, illegal and Legal ways of acquiring backlinks, valuation and resources to buy and sell the backinks.
(c) Page Rank: Definition, Importance, How to Calculate PR, Check the PR of webpages using software, PR Formula, Analyzing the power of Competitors through PR, Table to show the relation between the Backlinks and the PR.
(d) Developing Backlinks: Creating Backlinks through Directory and Classified submissions, Article Marketing, Press Release Submissions through RSS Feeds Directories, Social Bookmarking and Networking Submissions (SMO), Blog Commenting, Forum Discussions, Profile Creations and High Authority Link Building.
(e) Proxy Goblin: Using of Proxy Goblin Software for Google Link Scraping and finding the resource for Competitor Backlinks.
(f) SEO Quake: A Browser Add on tool to compare SEO statistics of your web pages with the competitors and analyzing the performance of their strong and weak points and guiding us to the resource of their backlinks.
(g) Google Hacking URLs: Hacking and Downloading the Google search results in legal ways to get the list of the competitors to guide us to the resource of backlinks.
(h) Google Penguin and Panda Update: Inner details on the algorithms developed by google to catch the spammers, effect of the ranking when the algorithm changes, latest updates of the algorithm and escape from the same.
(i) Black Hat and White Hat: What is the difference between the two, popular but long lasting black hat methods and software applications.

4. Making Money from Google Adsense and Affiliate Programs

(a) Introduction to Advertisement Programs: Google Adsense, Yahoo Advertisement Solutions, AOL , Chitika, Infolinks and other Popular Advertisement Partners.
(b) Introduction to the Affiliate Programs: Never Blue, CJ (Commission Junction).
(c) Procedure to make money from Affiliate Programs and Adsense Programs: CPC, PPC, CPM, etc...
(d) Procedure to apply for the Advertisements in our website.
(e) Implementing Ad code into website and customizing it: Size, Colour and Style for each of the Ad types: Banner, Link and the Search Box.
(f) Appeal Form: Protecting the Adsense Account against the Invalid Fraud Click Activity.
(g) Terms and Conditions of Google Adsense, Environment of Adsense Operations.
(h) Different ways of making money from the Google Adsense: Legal and Illegal ways.
(i) Trick Behind Getting the Adsense Approval in just 4 hours through for Both Website as well as SEO.

5. Blogger: Unlimited Free websites from Google

a) Introduction to Blogger and How to start with a Free Website form this Platform.
(b) Design, Customize and Import External Template in Blogger without the knowledge of Coding / Functionality.
(c) Placing Ads in Blogger and Technique to Optimize maximum Clicks on the Adsense to Increase the Revenue Legally.
(d) Adding the Users, Working with the Labels, Menus and Dynamic Content through the use of Gadgets.

6. Wordpress: SEO Friendly CMS (Content Management System) Software

(a) Introduction to Wordpress.
(b) Installing Wordpress into a private site in the hosting server.
(c) Working of the wordpress with the Posting, Menus and Templates.
(d) Working with the Plug-ins, Widgets and installing the adsense code within the wordpress websites.
(e) Adding the Users and Managing their Roles.

7. SEO and Search Query Ranking Performance Reports: Google Webmaster Tools

(a) Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools and its Dashboard.
(b) Important statistics in the interface: Checking the Error Logs and Rectifying them, Search Queries Ranking Reports, Submitting Sitemap and Checking its indexing.
(c) Downloading the Search Performance Reports for various pages for different keywords and analyzing the ranking and the popular WebPages in different time periods.
(d) Adding , verifying and Deleting the site in the webmaster tools.
(e) Configuring the setting for Geo Location.
(f) Off Page Link Indexing status and the discovered links for various pages of website.
(g) Malware and Spam Detection and How to take Preventing Measures for the same.

SEM: Search Engine Marketing [Rs.5000 fee (Rs.10,000 for online, 15 hours]

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