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Stock Market Training in Hyderabad by NISM Certified - Classroom & Online

How to Master the Stock Market & Become Successful Trader and Investor ?

Less than 2% of the traders make real money in stock market. To be a successful trader or investor you need to master all the three courses:- Fundamental, Technical and Derivatives. Fundamental Analysis will help in you in choosing the right set of stocks, Technicals Analysis will help you in timing the buy and sell on the listed stocks while Derivatives and Hedging will help in in getting Risk Reward in your favour with proper Risk Management. Watch Stock Market Training Demo Video & Our Performance in the last 3 years Here


The trade that lasts for few seconds to few minutes is termed as scalping, It can be achieved through algo trading as well. It is done only of highly liquid stocks.

Intraday Trading

This trading lasts for few minutes to hours but the trade is to be closed during the day itself. Trading the real breakouts can give you better trades with an art to trailing the stop loss.

Swing Trading

This trade lasts for few days to weeks. Choosing the stocks on long side which are in strong up trend on dialy charts while choosing the shorting stocks which are in strong down trend with proper risk management and trailing SL on closing basis is key to success here.

Positional Trading

The trade here last for few weeks to months, the set-up to initiate and exit the trade includes VPA (Volume Price Action), Moving Averages along with short term support and Resistance, we buy the stock at support zone and aim to sell the same in the resistance zone.

Our Courses

Fundamental Analysis

We use advance screeners to find out the undervalued sectors and stocks and keep them in watchlist for trade, we aim to buy the undervalued stocks while short sell the over-valued stocks when the Risk to Reward is favourable.

Derivatives Training

It helps in taking the leverage on our capital to generate better ROI when the trade goes in our favour, as we would have positions in diviersified stocks or assets and in both the direction so the risk remains well-balanced.

Technical Analysis

Timing the short-listed stocks derived from fundamental analysis to buy/sell, exit and trail stop loss according to the chart pattern formation on various time frames. For short-term trading the technical analysis is used to find out the stocks that are about the break from the congestion zone.

Hedging Strategies

Lot of times the operators hunt for the stop loss placed by majority of traders, the hedging strategies helps is preventing such act by the operators and further enhances the risk reward ratio on our trade set-up. Globally hedge funds are known to have generated huge compounding returns.


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