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Sanjay Technologies Reviews

seo training reviews

"Today I received my 4th Cheque from Adsense in just 5 months of time since I finished training of SEO at Sanjay Technologies.."

" Could not even imagine that I could make so much of money just after 40 days of training. The best part of SEO here is that when you apply the legal strategies that Sanjay says, your website rankings in search engines rise in quick time and the number of visitors along through which one can earn better income by sponsoring ads by google."        - Shravan Bonnaka

"Worked Online for several SEO Companies.."

" The fee structure at Sanjay Technologies is almost 80% discount when compared to others, he teaches something more than SEO, it helps us to earn from home, do online job or even Full time. I am working online at Upwork and Guru and earning on an avg. 4$/hour in just 3 months after the training and the fact that Sanjay Technologies teaches only SEO and its associated courses attracted me to this institute. So, I believe that they are the market leaders in SEO. "  - Mahesh Bajaj

"The most genuine way of making money on internet"

"I had lost lot of money through Internet part-time jobs, invested lot of money and only burnt my fingers. Out of my 7 years of Experience, I can confidently say that making income with the affiliate based programs applying SEO techniques  really works! The well established e-commerce sites world wide pay you for the promotion of the their product links."     -Venkat Sai

"No one Teaches Affiliate + Wordpress  along with SEO concepts, Except Sanjay Technologies"

"I had enquired regarding SEO in 5 institutes before I joined here. No one covers the entire syllabus as Sanjay does and that too with over 70% Fee discount!! I consider myself Fortunate enough for having joined the SEO Course at Sanjay Technologies."   - Sophia Jayden

"Mr. Sanjay is the best industry oriented trainer"

"The course  fee that I paid for SEO here, I could recover it even before I finished the course. I did not know that I could start making money so fast. I see a bright future for myself ahead. Write the SEO certification exams and get become SEO qualified Professional, it can help make a promising career ahead as the certificate is valid world-wide for period of 2 years"   -Wajid Khan